commonwealthDopo aver ascoltato l’articolo sul Commonwealth, prova a rispondere alle seguenti domande.

1) Today the most important link between Commonwealth nations is
a trade.
b the possibility to settle in the UK.
c a shared set of global values.
2) Trade ceased to be the element that tied the Commonwealth together

a beyond the 60s.
b in the 50s.
c (the text doesn’t say)
3) With the 1962 British Commonwealth Immigrations Act, Britain a closed the door to all Commonwealth citizens.
b opened the door to all Commonwealth citizens.
c closed the door to newly-independent nations.
4) The expression “invisible glue” that holds the Commonwealth together refers to a common shared goals.
b the Queen.
c mutually beneficial trading relations.
5) The Commonwealth looks powerless
a because of the lack of a real enforcement mechanism.
b because many countries pulled out of it.
c because it doesn’t fit in with post-Brexit plans.

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