Dopo aver ascoltato il nostro articolo sul classico di Mary Shelley, prova a rispondere a queste domande. Frankenstein

1) When was Mary Shelley born?
2) Who was her lover?
3) When did she write Frankenstein, Or the Modern Prometheus?
4) Where was she staying, together with her lover and a group of friends, when she wrote the novel?
5) When was the novel published?
6) Who is the protagonist of the story?
7) Who is Victor Frankenstein?
8) What’s his obsession?
9) Do we know the monster’s name?
10) Who is Captain Walton?
11) What does the monster ask Frankenstein?
12) Why does he make such a request?
13) Where does Frankenstein track the monster down, towards the end of the story?
14) When did Mary Shelley die?

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