Hai letto l’articolo sulla libreria Strand di New York?

We found in the article: Will it make it to its one hundredth anniversary in 2027? Probably. The full short answer to the question would be: Yes, it probably will.
Match the following questions with the short answers in the box. (✅= yes; ❌ = no)

Yes, I am. / Yes, I can. / No, I haven’t. / No, I won’t. / Yes, there is. / No, I don’t. / Yes, I do. / No, he doesn’t. / Yes, they will. / Yes, they have.
Yes, I am. Yes, I would.

1) Do you like it? ✅
2) Have you got a minute? ❌
3) Can you wait? ✅
4) Are you listening to me? ✅
5) Have they got any children? ✅
6) Is there a cafeteria near here? ✅
7) Would you like to come with me? ✅
8) Will you ever forgive me? ❌
9) Are you listening to me? ✅
10) Does he like her? ❌
11) Will they come to the meeting? ✅
12) Do you know him? ❌

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