Sul numero di dicembre ti aspetta un articolo sui ‘false friends‘, quelle parole inglesi che assomigliano ad altre in italiano ma hanno un significato molto diverso. Dopo averlo letto prova a fare questo esercizio.

Complete the sentences choosing one of the two options.
1) Everyone likes her. She’s so ____ [sympathetic/friendly].

2) I love ____ [reading/lecture]!

3) The girl was very ____ [polite/educated] : she thanked him for his help.

4) I couldn’t ____ [attend/assist] the meeting because I wasn’t feeling very well.

5) It was a ____ [casualty/coincidence] that we both came from the same village.

6) The ____ [piles/batteries] of the sensor unit have died: you must replace them.

7) I will ____ [envy/send] you the file by email as soon as possible.

8) You should always eat ____ [healthy/sane] food.

9) Let me ____ [introduce/present] my husband Jim Reed.

10) The ____ [actual/present] economic situation is much worse than it was last year.

11) I sometimes like to ____ [assist/watch] a good movie on TV.

12) At the office we have a ____ [reunion/meeting] every Monday morning.

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