In the article we found: They pass through a rigorous process of edition. The verb pass has different meanings depending on which preposition or adverb it is combined with.

Here is a list of possible combinations.

antisocial verb pass






1) The man tragically passed ___ Saturday night in a car accident.
2) He set near the window and waved at everyone who passed ___ .
3) This precious vase has been passed ___ over many generations.
4) Please, read this message and pass ___ the information.
5) The helicopter passed ___ our heads while we were talking.
6) If you hyperventilate, you’ll probably pass ___ .
7) I don’t know what thoughts pass ___ her mind.
8) Unfortunately, I had to pass ___ the opportunity to accept that job.
9) After looking carefully at the toolbox, he passed ___ it to the shop assistant.
10) They tried to pass ___ a piece of glass as a jewel, but it was clearly a fake.
11) Please, pass ___ these worksheets to everyone in class.

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