Farewell-to-ArmsIl Classic Book di questo mese è su A Farewell to Arms, del romanzo di Ernest Hemingway. Dopo averlo letto, prova a completare le frasi con le parole mancanti.

Read and complete the following sentences.
1) Ernest Hemingway was born in ____ and, as a teenager, eager to fight in ____ War One, tried to enlist in the United States ____.
2) However, he was turned ____ by the US Army because of ____ eyesight.
3) So he joined the ambulance corps and became an ____ driver in the Italian ____.
4) The Italian Army was fighting ____ the Austro-Hungarian ____.
5) Hemingway was ____ and fell in love with a Red Cross ____.
6) The first WWI ____ in the English language began to appear in the ____ 1920s.
7) A Farewell to Arms is a novel written in the ____ person.
8) The novel is ____ during the Italian campaign of World War ____.
9) ____ Fredric Henry is the novel’s ____.
10) He serves in the ____ Army as a ____.
11) The ____ he’s sheltering in is hit by an Austrian ____ and Fredric Henry is wounded.
12) In a ____ hospital he meets Catherine Barkley, an ____ nurse.
13) When the Italian Army ____, Henry and Catherine flee to ____.
14) The central ____ in A Farewell to Arms are ____ and ____.

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