Lo scrittore indiano naturalizzato britannico è autore di numerosi romanzi di successo, tra cui ‘I figli della mezzanotte’, pubblicato nel 1981. Leggi l’articolo e poi rispondi a queste domande:Midnight-Children

1) Salman Rushdie grew up speaking
a English and Farsi.
b English and Urdu.
c Urdu.
2) In 1965, after graduating, he
a returned to the UK, taking up a career as a writer.
b went back to India.
c joined his family in Pakistan.

3) The two recurring themes in Salman Rushdie’s work are
a betrayal and honour.
b self-discovery and self-acceptance.
c religion and politics.

4) Midnight’s Children takes its title from India’s Prime Minister Nehru’s speech,
at the stroke of midnight, 14 August 1947,
a as India gained its independence from the UK.
b as Indira Gandhi had a state of emergency declared across the country.
c as Bombay changed its name to Mumbai.

5) Saleem and all the children born at the exact time of the Declaration
of Independence
a are destined to live a life of luxury.
b are destined to live a life in poverty.
c are destined from birth to be special.

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