Questo mese ti parliamo della circolazione in bicicletta, un fenomeno in aumento nelle città di tutto il mondo a causa dell’emergenza sanitaria. Anche in Gran Bretagna si sta potenziando l’uso delle biciclette e le città si stanno attrezzando per rendere più agevoli gli spostamenti.

Ora prova a rispondere a questo trivia sul mondo delle biciclette. Le risposte le trovi sul Work It Out di agosto che puoi scaricare dal nostro sito

1) When was the first true bicycle introduced?
In 1920s. In 1890s. In 1900s. In 1860s.

2) Which material was the first bicycle made of?
Steel. Plastic. Wood. Iron.

3) What was the first bicycle called?
Pedal-driven. Velocipede. Criterium. Recumbent.

4) How many bicycles are there in the world?
Over 1 billion. 1 million. 500 million. Nearly 3 billion.

5) Which country has the most bicycles?
The Netherlands. Germany. China. Sweden.

6) How many bicycles are there in China today?
62,000. About half billion. About half million. 100,000.

7) When was the first Tour de France staged?
In 1948. In 1890. In 1916. In 1903.

8) How effective are helmets at preventing head injuries?
60 per cent. 75 per cent. 85 per cent. 50 per cent.

9) When was the first mountain bike introduced?
In 1978. In 1890. In 1955. In 1990.

10) When was the pneumatic tyre first successfully applied to the bicycle?
In 1900. In 1940. In 1920. In 1888.

11) Which day is International World Bicycle Day?
August 11th. June 3rd. December 25th. April 1st.

12) What does BMX mean?
Bike Maximum Exposure. Bicycle Moto Cross. Bike Mechanised Experiment. Bicycle Maintenance.

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