Ascolta l’articolo sul guru della meditazione, Deepak Chopra, e poi prova a fare questo esercizio sulle preposizioni.

Read and complete the sentences using one of the followinf prepositions:

to / with / through / on / in / by / on / with / in / around /from /to / on
1) Deepak Chopra is a very popular figure ____ alternative medicine.
2) He has more than three million followers ____ Twitter.
3) Deepak Chopra has recently joined forces ____ his friend Oprah Winfrey.
4) Their aim is to help people find their inner balance ____ meditation.
5) They have shared tips ____ how to live a peaceful life.
6) Their online programme has reached millions of people ____ the world.
7) Chopra prides himself ____ his excellent health.
8) Deepak Chopra appears to be immune ____ illness.
9) In spite of his popularity, he is not exempt ____ criticism.
10) He has been criticised about the alleged health benefits of meditation when it comes ____ serious diseases.
11) According to him, the body can be repaired ____ experiencing a shift in awareness.
12) His method merges Ayurveda ____ quantum physics.
13) Meditation has proved to be useful ____ fighting stress and anxiety.

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