Imparare velocemente

Cosa fare per imparare più velocemente l’inglese? Quali sistemi adottare? Vi ringrazio per la Vs. risposta è vi saluto. Leggo sempre la Vs. rivista e ascolto i cd, ma non e’ semplice riuscire a capire e parlare in modo corretto. Nadia.

It depends. If you are at the beginning, then obviously lessons are required. If, on the other hand, you already speak English, then there are many ways to improve. For example,
(1) Speak Up!
(2) Films and TV. Don’t waste your life watching British and American films dubbed in Italian. Watch the original language version! Why do other nationalities speak English better than the Italians? Because they show films and TV programmes in the original language. They don’t have Italy’s dubbing industry, which helps a few actors find work, but holds back an entire country when it comes to speaking English, which is essential in today’s world. 
(3) If you live in Italy, subscribe to Sky. There is a limitless selection of material in English, and you can use the subtitle option. And, with all due respect to Rai and Mediaset, the quality of the programmes is generally a lot better!
(4) The Internet. There is an unbelievable selection of material (video, audio, news sites like the BBC, youtube, everything) and it’s all free. Use it! 
(5) If you don’t like the Internet, then read books, newspapers and magazines in English. If your level isn’t very good, then children’s books and even cartoons are perfect.
(6) Internet radio, specially programmes where people talk.
(7) Listen to English music and learn the words (lyrics). You don’t need to buy CDs: it’s all free on the Internet and on radio.
(8) As for talking: get private conversation lessons, or find a club (there are many in Italy) where people meet and speak English.
(9) Don’t be embarrassed about making mistakes. The Italians are obsessed with the “brutta figura” of bad grammar, which is the fault of their overly academic teachers at school, many of whom don’t actually speak English very well themselves. Did your mother teach you Italian by talking to you, or by getting you to study a grammar book?! The English and Americans don’t care if you make grammatical mistakes. They will care, however, if you are rude and don’t use the most important words in the language (please, sorry and thank you).
(10) Don’t be shy when speaking. The expression “You only learn from your mistakes” is particularly true when it comes to languages.
Thanks to the Internet, learning a foreign language is a lot easier than it used to be.
Good luck!

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