Idioms: To bite the bullet

L’idiom su Speak Up di marzo è to bite the bullet, che letteralmente significa ‘mordere il proiettile’. Ecco da dove viene e come usarlo:

When there is an unpleasant but unavoidable task to do it is better to ‘bite the bullet’ and get it done. This expression can mean to endure a painful experience that you cannot avoid, or to be brave and face an unpleasant situation with fortitude. “She bit the bullet and confessed to the crime” or “I’ll bite the bullet and pay this huge bill”. The first recorded use of the phrase was in the 1891 novel The Light that Failed by the English author Rudyard Kipling. He referred to circumstances when doctors didn’t have much anesthesia or time, such as during a battle, and they’d ask the patient to bite on a bullet to distract them from the pain.

bite the bullet

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