astrologyAt this time of profound crisis, astrology can help us to maintain perspective and give us hope, as well as offer some explanation as to what’s going on. What is happening in the sky is actually a reflection of our lives on Earth.

So what is going on up there? 2020 is characterised by a great conjunction of planets in Capricorn, which symbolises hard work, responsibility, limits, ambitious goals, and achievements.

In January, Saturn – the planet of limits and hard work – and Pluto – the planet of profound transformation – met in Capricorn. Together they signify the fall of structures or governments, the transformation of an old way of working, and also the loss of elderly people, these were all effects already felt by the early spread of the coronavirus.

In March, first Jupiter – the planet of expansion – joined this conjunction and then Mars – the planet of action – which accelerated this destructive process; that’s when the coronavirus became a pandemic as it spread quickly around the world.

The conjunction of these planets signifies discarding what is no longer useful or sustainable, so it’s better to accept reality without trying to resist it.

It is a time to think about what is not working in our lives: maybe a job, a relationship, a habit, or a set of beliefs.

People can feel the fear of letting go, lose control and be detached, but still want to keep things as they were in the past, although in this moment of crisis it is necessary for our evolution. Be with ourselves, meditate, create a space of calm and relaxation at home, let thoughts pass by, take care of our bodies, avoid bad thoughts which lower our vibrations, do the things that make us happy because we need to stay healthy and keep open minded.

On the 21st of March, Saturn moved to Aquarius for a brief period, although in July it will be back to Capricorn for a few months until the end of 2020, when it will definitively stay in Aquarius for three years.

We can see that during the quarantine period people begin to form different habits, hopefully healthier habits and become more responsible towards the planet, many of us are now working from home and in general people are paying more attention to their health. Hopefully, by the time the quarantine is over, we will have forgotten about our old lifestyles and unhelpful habits.

Astrology teaches us that every transit (movement of planets) is transitory and that this will be over in a few months.

Let us know how you are feeling during quarantine. What’s your worst fear? What’s no long working in your life? But also, what is it that calms and comforts you?


Con quale aggettivo definiresti il tuo stato d’animo in questo momento?

How are you feeling?

anxious / calm / relaxed / frustrated / angry / depressed / impatient / hopeful / worried / stressed / emotional / peaceful / quiet

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