Hong-KongProva ad ascoltare l’interessante articolo di questo mese su Hong Kong, l’ex colonia britannica, e poi scegli la risposta corretta.

Listen to the interview and complete the sentences choosing the correct option.

1) Problems with Hong Kong’s handover from Britain arouse

a in 2012.

b in 1997.

c in 2005.

2) The leadership style of the Chinese president Xi Jinping was

a unexpectedly smooth.

b unexpectedly harsh.

c predictably harsh.

3) After the 2014 protests

a things slightly improved.

b new elections were held.

c demands were ignored.

4) In 2019 a million people

a organised a crowd-funding platform.

b went to the streets.

c were arrested.

5) In order to obtain favourable media attention protesters turned to

a a blossoming of creativity.

b carrying umbrellas as a symbol of revolt.

c retaliation with violence.

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