British-LibraryDopo aver letto l’articolo sulla British Library e i suoi tesori nascosti, prova a completare le seguenti frasi.

Read the text that precedes the interview and fill in the missing words.

1) The British Library’s main ____ are at St. Pancras, London.
2) The Library adds some three ____ items every year.
3) The access to some items is restricted because they are too ____ to be handled by the public.
4) Many items can be accessed by the public, either in person or ____.
5) In the Library’s reading rooms there is space for over ____ readers.
6) One of the British Library’s finest treasures is Leonardo da Vinci’s ____.
7) The British Library also displays early versions of ____ literary works in the of the authors themselves.
8) For example, you can see Alice in the ____, Lewis Carroll’s first version of the work later published as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

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