Pearly Kings and Queens Harvest FestivalLa cultura cockney usa un linguaggio gergale che si basa sulle rime. Prova a fare questo esercizio:

In cockney rhyming slang, common words are replaced with a phrase that rhymes with the word being replaced. Try to match numbers (1-16) and letters (a-p).

1) Adam and Eve                        a) swear
2) alligator                                   b) tea
3) April showers                         c) love
4) bacon and eggs                      d) wine
5) bees and honey                      e) ten
6) Big Ben                                    f) time
7) bird’s nest                               g) believe
8) Calvin Klein                           h) soap
9) cockney rhyme                      i) money
10) hairy knees                           j) please
11) Irish stew                              k) chest
12) no hope                                 l) true
13) orange and pear                 m) later
14) turtle dove                           n) flowers
15) you and me                          o) legs
16) dog and bone                      p) phone

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