moma-front-view-MOMA219Read and complete the sentences using the verbs in the box.

have been mixed up / have taken / displayed / was developed / has become / will be changed / opened / cost / is reopening / is made up / visit

1) In October, MoMA _____ its doors after a major renovation.
2) The renovation project _____ $400 million.
3) The MoMA collection _____ of modern and contemporary artworks.
4) In the new MoMA, styles and media _____ .
5) The exhibits on display _____ on a regular basis.
6) The first idea of the MoMA _____ by three rich New Yorkers.
7) The Museum of Modern Art _____ on Fifth Avenue in the late 1920s.
8) The first exhibition in 1929 _____ paintings by Cézanne, Gaugin and Van Gogh.
9) Since 1929 many ambitious projects _____ place.
10) About 2.8 million people _____ the MoMA every year.
11) The MoMA _____ one of the greatest modern art museums in the world.

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