Arriva nelle sale italiane la versione cinematografica di Downton Abbey. Ecco un esercizio di lessico che ti proponiamo dopo aver letto l’articolo.

Find in the text before the interview the nouns that correspond to the following definitions.

1) _____ something (or someone) that is remarkable
2) _____ the tendency to retreat from unpleasant realities especially through diversion or entertainment
3) _____ freedom from the demands of work
4) _____ the plot of a story in a movie, TV series, novel, play and the like
5) _____ habitual indulgence in pleasures and comforts, especially provided by beautiful and expensive things
6) _____ the period of being retired from one’s job
7) _____ a class of people who have a high social rank and privileges
8) _____ someone who is invited to visit someone else’s home or attend a social occasion
9) _____ the most important male servant of a household
10) _____ someone legally entitled to a person’s money, property or title when that person dies

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