Abbey-RoadDopo aver letto l’interessante articolo sui 50 anni dall’uscito del mitico disco dei Beatles Abbey Road fai questo esercizio.

Listen and complete the sentences choosing one of the options:
1) Let It Be was mostly recorded
a. after Abbey Road.
b. before Abbey Road.
c. at the same time as Abbey Road.

2) After Abbey Road was released,
a. The New York Times praised the album.
b. Life Magazine wasn’t enthusiastic about the album.
c. Rolling Stone defined it “one of the greatest records of all time”.

3) To shoot the Abbey Road cover photo
a. the traffic had to be stopped for 10 minutes.
b. the traffic had to be stopped for 6 hours.

c. it wasn’t necessary to stop the traffic.

4) The Beatles’ regular producer was
a. Ian Macmillan.
b. Neil McCormack.
c. George Martin.

5) August 20th 1969 was
a. the last recording day of Abbey Road.
b. the last day the Beatles were in the studio together.
c. the last recording day of Abbey Road and the last day the Beatleswere in the studio together.

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