Picnic-Comma-LightningRead and complete the sentences with words below:

household / movements / devices / communicate / cloud / infiltrated / emotions / public / gathering / smart / sentiment / explores / developed / same / behind / encouraging / private / social / reality
1) In his book Picnic Comma Lightning, Laurence Scott ____ the way our concept of ____ is being transformed by the digital age.
2) Some ____ , created to make our life easier, are ____ information about us.
3) The Internet of Things is a network of ____ appliances and devices in our houses that can be controlled remotely and that ____ with each other.
4) The Internet of Things has been ____ to make us feel safer, but has also ____ the intimacy of our homes.
5) The 21st-century smart home is a place that was once ____ but is becoming increasingly ____ , psychologically and physically.
6) In the smart home our belongings are somewhere else, up in the ____ , communicating, sending and receiving data.
7) One day our clothes will be able to track not just our ____ , but also our ____ , measuring our physical reactions.
8) Sentiment analysis is a new tool that “reads” our feelings: for example it analyses ____ media posts to see what is our underlying ____ at any time.
9) Social media is ____ us to share the the ____ scenes views of our lives, with the public and the private going on at the ____ time.

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