Dopo aver letto la storia tratta da The Guardian fai questo esercizio.

Read the article and choose the correct option.
1) The last Blockbuster manager watched her first rental movie / movie when she was six years old.
2) Her family borrowed a DVD / VHS copy of Poltergeist from her aunt’s video store.
3) She started to work at Blockbuster when she was thirty-three / thirty.
4) Her aunt / best friend worked at the same store.
5) At that time the movie-rental business was thriving / declining.
6) In 2004 there were five / seven Blockbusters in Bend.
7) Bend is a town in Oregon / Australia.
8) At the end of 2017 there were seven Blockbusters left in the US / world.
9) It’s quite difficult / easy to guess what kind of movie a customer will choose.
10) In March also the last / second last Blockbuster in Australia closed.
11) The Blockbuster store she owns is located on Main / Fifth Street.
12) Recently at her store they have set up nearly five hundred / thousand new membership cards.

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