British_Museum_Great_Court,_London,_UK_-_DiliffIl British Museum è uno dei più prestigiosi musei al mondo. Leggi l’articolo e completa le frasi con l’alternativa corretta.

Read the text before the interview and complete the sentences choosing the correct alternative.
1) The British Museum opened to the public in
a. 1759.
b. 1753.
c. 1953.
2) Every year it is visited by
a. 7 hundred people.
b. 71,000 people.
c. 7 million people.
3) The “Elgin Marbles” are
a. a collection of Scottish sculptures.
b. a collection of classical Greek sculptures.
c. a collection of sculptures belonging to Thomas Bruce, earl of Elgin.
4) The British Museum current director is
a. German.
b. British.
c. Northern Irish.
5) The British Museum collection totals about
a. 8 million objects.
b. 71,000 objects.
c. 800,000 objects.

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