Il mitico gruppo di Liverpool rivoluzionò la musica, la moda e il fenomeno dei fan. Dopo aver letto l’articolo sui Beatles raccontati dal loro parrucchiere, fai questo esercizio.

Locate the words hidden in the star (horizontally) that mean:
• a record of events written from personal knowledge
• an event occurring as part of a sequence of connected stories
• someone who is a very enthusiastic admirer, usually as a spectator
• a game organized in order to make money, usually for charitable purposes
• a person who is noted for having done something brave
• a rural area left in its natural condition or used for farming

• someone who is among the first to explore something new
• someone who closely resembles another person
• the heading at the top of an article that indicates the content of the text below
• a raised platform on which singers or actors perform
• uncritical and extreme admiration of someone

Beatles WIO

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