John_Tenniel_-_Illustration_from_The_Nursery_Alice_(1890)_-_c03757_07Il Classic Book di questo mese è Alice nel paese delle meraviglie di Lewis Carroll, nato come un romanzo per ragazzi che con il tempo è diventato un classico delle letteratura in lingua inglese.

Listen and complete the sentences pronounced by some book characters.

1) The White Rabbit: “Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too ____!”
2) The March Hare: “Take ____ more tea.”
3) The Mad Hatter: “It’s very easy to take more than ____.”
4) Alice: “… which ____ I ought to walk from here?”
5) The Mad Hatter: “I beg pardon, ____ Majesty.”
6) The Mad Hatter: “I hadn’t quite ____ my tea when I was sent for.”
7) Alice: “At any ____ I’ll never go there again!”
8) Alice: “It’s the stupidest ____ I ever was at in all my life.”

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