pubBere birra nei pub è un classico nel Regno Unito. Lager, IPA, Guinness… di tipi di birre ce n’è per tutti i gusti! Dopo aver letto l’articolo sulla birra, prova a fare questo esercizio.

Listen to the second part of the article and decide whether the following sentences are true (T) or false (F).

1) “Ale” is the name given to traditional British beer.
2) Ale is served slightly warm and has no carbon dioxide.
3) Lager is cold and fizzy.
4) It was originally imported.
5) Today lager is no longer very popular.
6) “Shandy” is a mixture of brown ale and lemonade.
7) Bitter has been described as “the national drink of England”.
8) It should be served at a temperature of 11-14 °C.
9) The foam on top of a beer is called “head”.
10) Guinness is a dark Irish stout.
11) A stout should take 11 seconds to pour.
12) It should be poured cold into a cold glass.
13) Brown Ale is brewed from 60 per cent brown malt.
14) Newcastle Brown Ale is a Northern English brown ale.
15) Southern English brown ales are usually stronger than northern varieties.

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