Dopo aver letto l’articolo di Andrew Morton che mette a confronto la duchessa di Sussex con la scomparsa Lady D, fai questo esercizio di comprensione.

Read and complete the sentences with the following adjectives:

humanitarian / clean / academic / late / stately / sombre / common / powerful / Catholic / significant / reluctant / shy
1) There are similarities but also differences between Diana and Meghan.
2) Diana was naturally a very girl.
3) She was rather to join in with her fellow pupils.
4) At school she lacked abilities.
5) She practised ballet dancing in the entrance hall of her father’s home.
6) Both women shared a mission.
7) Diane had a impact on Meghan Markle’s life.
8) Meghan cried with her school friends during Diana’s funeral.
9) She won many prizes when she graduated from her high school.
10) During her 20s she didn’t seem to emulate the princess.
11) She also travelled to Rwanda to help bring water to villages.
12) A trait between Diana and Meghan is the use of their celebrity to raise awareness about important issues.

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