Completa il dialogo seguente con le parole qui di seguito: would / like / calling / sides / house / crust / help / will / all / cost / take / pickup / drink / time / have / order / change / large / bread

JIM: Hello, Bob’s pizza. Jim speaking. How can ____ you?
CUSTOMER: Hi, I’d like to ____ a pizza please.
JIM: Okay, thank you. Is this for ____ or delivery?
CUSTOMER: Delivery, please.
JIM: Can I ____ your name and address?
CUSTOMER: My name is… And my address is…
JIM: Is that an apartment or a ____ ?
CUSTOMER: It’s an apartment. Number 51.
JIM: What would you ____ to order?
CUSTOMER: Can I have a _____ pepperoni pizza, thin _____  with extra cheese on top?
JIM: Sure. Would you like any _____ with that?
CUSTOMER: Yes, can I please have a garlic ____?
JIM: Do you want anything to ____?
CUSTOMER: Yes, I _____ like a lemonade.

JIM: Okay, will that be _____?
CUSTOMER: Yes, that’s all. How long will it _____ to get the food to me?
JIM: Delivery ____ will be about 20 minutes.
CUSTOMER: That’s great. How much will it ____?
JIM: Your total comes to £… Please have the correct _____ for the driver.
CUSTOMER: I _____ , thank you.
JIM: Thank you for _____ . Bye.
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