Hello Speak Up,
Sul numero 400 della revista, nell’articolo intitolato “Real Men”, c’è un paragrafo che non capisco. Julie Bindel dice: “[…] most women who have babies neither desperately desire to have them in the rst place nor knew necessarily what to do with them when they came out, nor necessarily bonded with them.” Me lo potreste tradurre? Thanks a lot, M.

Dear M,
In this debate about whether the concept of a ‘real man’ is desirable in today’s society, Julie Bindel says that gender roles are socially constructed. She suggests here that women are not naturally maternal, as many think. They may not really want children, have no natural instinct as to how to look after them, and may not even feel natural a ection for them. It is a long sentence, typical of oral speech, constructed with the formula ‘neither… nor…’ used to connect two or more negative alternatives. A possible translation into Italian would be: “[…] prima di tutto, la maggior parte delle donne che sono madri non desiderano disperatamente avere gli né sanno come comportarsi con loro una volta nati né sentono per forza un vincolo speciale con loro”.
Speak Up

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