© The Nobel Foundation

© The Nobel Foundation

Nella rubrica Classic Books di questo mese parliamo di Disgrace, il romanzo del Premio Nobel J.M. Coetzee. Nel testo troviamo l’espressione It must be a losing battle. (Deve essere una battaglia persa), in cui must non sta a indicare un obbligo, ma è usato per esprimere una deduzione logica. Nella forma negativa non si usa mustn’t, ma can’t, come nell’esempio: You can’t be hungry again: you have just eaten two slices of pizza. (Non puoi avere di nuovo fame: hai appena mangiato due fette di pizza).

Completa le frasi con must oppure can’t.

  1. They ____ be already at home. There is a light on in the kitchen.
  2. Sheila ____ have found a job already. She just finished school two weeks ago.
  3. You ____ have lied. That’s why you’re blushing.
  4. She ____ be broke if she keeps borrowing money from everybody.
  5. It ____ be Paul at the window: he left yesterday.
  6. You ____ be crazy: 80€ for that sweater!
  7. Brian ____ have realized what he has done because he told me he was sorry.
  8. You ____ be that old. You actually look very young.
  9. It ____ be very late. Everybody has already left.
  10. You ____ have written this essay yourself. It’s too good!




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