Becoming-by-Michelle-ObamaBecoming, l’autobiografia di Michelle Obama, è una storia di superamento personale che ispira e incoraggia.

Ascolta l’articolo dedicato all’ex first lady e individua le tre informazioni che non sono contenute nell’articolo.

  1. Michelle and Barack Obama negotiated about $60 million for their memoirs.
  2. Michelle was born in January 1964.
  3. She grew up in Chicago’s South Shore neighbourhood.
  4. Her father worked at a city water plant.
  5. Her mother worked as a secretary.
  6. Michelle was a very good student.
  7. When she decided to go to Princeton University she was discouraged from applying.
  8. Her brother also graduated from Princeton University.
  9. Michelle, after Harvard, went back to Chicago to work at a law rm.
  10. She and Barack were among the few African-Americans at the law rm.
  11. She has been engaged in many non-pro t organizations.
  12. Michelle Obama’s aim has always been to promote education among youngsters.
  13. Michelle and Barack have two daughters, Malia and Sasha.
  14. Michelle’s mother moved into the White House so she could help out with child care during the presidential campaign.
  15. There have been rumours that Michelle Obama might be running for president in 2020.

Informazioni non contenute nell’articolo: ___________________________

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