Lord-of-the-fliesLeggi il Classic Books di questo mese dedicato al romanzo Lord of the Flies di William Golding e rispondi alle domande scegliendo una delle due opzioni.

What are the children in the book escaping from?

  1. The Cold War.
  2. A nuclear war.

Why do the children decide to keep a re alight?

  1. So that passing ships can see the smoke.
  2. As an o ering to the forces of darkness.

What is the function of the conch shell?

  1. It gives the child who holds it the authority to speak during the meetings.
  2. It keeps away hostile natives.

What is the “lord of the ies” actually?

  1. A gure “with dangling limbs”.
  2. A rotting pig’s head.

What is William Golding’s view of the nature of men?

  1. Man is essentially good but corrupted by the world.
  2. Man is essentially evil.

When was the book written?

  1. During the Second World War.
  2. After the Second World War.
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