Hai letto l’articolo tratto da The Guardian di questo mese? È la storia di una donna che è affetta da afantasia, ovvero che non riesce a visualizzare nessuna immagine mentale. Ti proponiamo il seguente esercizio: ascolta il testo e ricomponi le frasi abbinando numeri (1-11) e lettere (a-k).

  1. The inability to visualise images in one’s head
  2. Aphantasia isn’t a disability, but
  3. It is impossible to see what
  4. If you have aphantasia,
  5. Some people affected see
  6. It is as if their imagination
  7. They also struggle
  8. Some people with aphantasia
  9. There appears to be no link between
  10. It is difficult to know
  11. Academics have developed

a) you lack a functioning mind’s eye.
b) a test using visualisation questions.
c) fuzzy images, some see none at all.
d) having aphantasia and the ability to dream.
e) is broken.
f) to recognise faces.
g) can dream vividly.
h) how many people have aphantasia.
i) is known as aphantasia.
j) a different way of experiencing life.
k) someone is picturing inside their head.

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