trains-spottingLeggi l’articolo Train Spotting e fai quest’esercizio sulle espressioni idiomatiche costruite con il verbo to have seguito da un nome. Prova ad abbinare numeri (1-8) e lettere (a-h).

1)    have a bash
2)    have a bee in your bonnet
3)    have a rough time
4)    have a say the same thing
5)    have a thing about someone
6)    have a whale of a time
7)    have a fit
8)    have a row

a)    experience difficulties

b)    be involved in deciding something

c)    try to do something

d)   keep talking and thinking about

e)    like in a romantic way

f)    have a lot of fun

g)    quarrel

h)    become upset

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