Che personaggio interessante Ada Lovelace! Dopo aver ascoltato il testo, completa le frasi scegliendo una delle tre opzioni.

1) This year Ada Lovelace Day will be celebrated on

a. October 9th.
b. October 10th.
c. April 9th.

2) Ada Lovelace was the daughter of

a. the writer B.Y. Bowden.
b. the poet Lord Byron.
c. the mathematician Charles Babbage.

3) Ada Lovelace became famous because she

a. designed a calculating machine called the Analytical Engine.
b. was the first computer programmer.
c. developed a successful mathematical scheme for winning at gambling.

4) The U.S. Department of Defense

a. encouraged Ada Lovelace to study advanced mathematics.
b. published her work in 1953.
c. named their computer language “Ada” after her.

5) Ada Lovelace died in

a. 1953.

b. 1815.
c. 1852.


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