Dopo aver letto la parte dell’articolo che precede l’intervista, rispondi alle domande scegliendo tra le tre opzioni proposte.

1)    What is today’s most valuable company in the world?
– Google.
– Apple.
– Facebook.

2)    Where did Larry Page and Sergey Brin first meet in the mid-1990s?
– At the Googleplex.
– In Palo Alto.
– At Stanford University.

3)    When was Google founded?
– In 1998.
– In 1999.
– In 2006.

4)    What are the failed Google projects mentioned in the article?
– Google’s maps and translations.
– Google Cloud Storage.
– Google+ and Google Glass.

5)    What important acquisitions has Google made?
– YouTube and Android.
– Gmail and Apple.
– Facebook.

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