the September issue

Unfortunately I’m in arrear with reading your magazine. I’m reading now the September issue and in the interview granted Speak Up by Mark Wahlberg (on page 34) I’ve found two “would” I didn’t expect… The first in the clause “He makes a wish that the bear would come to life”, the second in the clause: “The teddy bear was created with computer graphics while S. M. would provide the voice on set.” The first has to be translated with a “congiuntivo imperfetto” (vivesse, prendesse vita): did Mark use the conditional because in the clause there was a meaning of future?

Is the second the simply equivalent of the Italian “volle”? Claudio.
No. You use would when you want to refer to a repeated action in the past: l’orsetto è stato creato con la computer graphic e S.M. gli prestava la voce.

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