desert-islandRobinson Crusoe è un classico della letteratura inglese scritto da Daniel Defoe. Dopo aver letto l’articolo sul numero di Speak Up di questo mese, completa le frasi che seguono:

1)    ____ was a prolific  ____, but also a businessman.
2)    The ____ soon captured the imagination of the reading  ____.
3)    Many ____ thought that the story of Robinson Crusoe was ____ a  account.
4)    The book had ____ editions in ____ months.
5)    In 1704 a ____ sailor was  ____ on a desert island.
6)    ____  left his family at ____ years old.
7)    In the end an ____ ship rescues  ____.
8)    Robinson Crusoe  a native from some  ____.
9)    The ____ is civilized and  the English language.
10)    ____ is a man of trade with a strong sense of the ____ of things.
11)    The  industry has often drawn ____ from his story.
12)    Robinson Crusoe manages to ____ on the island for 28 ____ .
13)    Robinson Crusoe is one of the most ____ books after the ____ .

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