The-Great-GatsbyEcco un esercizio di comprensione riferito all’articolo di giugno dedicato a The Great Gatsby, il grande classico di F. Scott Fitzgerald.





Leggi l’articolo e completa le frasi scegliendo l’opzione corretta.

1) The story is told through
Nick Carraway’s eyes.
Tom Buchanan’s eyes.
Daisy’s eyes.

2) Gatsby is
Daisy’s husband.
one of Nick Carraway’s neighbours.
another name for Nick Carraway.

3) Tom Buchanan is
a sensitive and caring man.
a refined rich man.
a rich and rude man.

4) Daisy comes from
the East Coast.
the South.
the West Coast.

5) Zelda is
Tom Buchanan’s mistress.
Tom Buchanan’s wife.
F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife.

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