Ecco un esercizio di comprensione scritta riferito all’articolo di maggio dedicato alla FA Cup.





Completa le seguenti frasi usando le parole nel riquadro.

money    world    teams    league    football    competition
results    history    chance    towns

1)    The FA Cup is the oldest ____ competition in the world.
2)    It used to be an important ____ for big teams.
3)    Nowadays many teams from small ____ also enter the competition.
4)    Fans of small clubs see the FA Cup as a ____ for their local team to beat a big team.
5)    Small teams do not have much ____, unlike the big English teams.
6)    Some non-professional ____ sometimes make it to the first round.
7)    Throughout the FA Cup history there have been many surprising ____.
8)    In 2017 a team from the fifth ____ beat a Premier League team.
9)    The ____ of football is interesting as well as exciting.
10)    Football is probably the most popular sport in the ____.

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