Funny British food

spaghetti-canCara Rachel,
ho trovato l’articolo Funny British Food davvero divertente, ma da italiano (dopo anni che vivi in Italia lo saprai bene: il cibo è sacro!) per me è sempre scioccante pensare agli spaghetti in scatola! Ma tu riesci a mangiare quella roba lì? E sia chiaro non voglio deridere il cibo inglese: ho assaggiato puddings e arrosti deliziosi nel Regno Unito! Riccardo

It’s true that you can find delicious food in the UK – there’s an article about the Sunday roast in the March issue! However, although Brits love TV programmes about food, they don’t always eat well. I have colleagues who, every time they go to the UK, fill their suitcases with tins of baked beans and really sweet chocolate. When I was young my mother spent a brief period in hospital and my dad alternated spaghetti hoops on toast and maccheroni cheese on toast every day for three weeks. That kind of food does have a satisfying, ‘naughty snack’ quality that might evoke childhood memories for me, but you’re right. I’ve had good Italian food for far too long and I could never go back to it on a regular basis! Rachel

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