Nurture or Nature

Cara Alex, l’articolo sulla disuguaglianza di genere (pubblicato su Speak Up di dicembre) mi ha fatto pensare. L’ho trovato molto utile e coinvolgente, ma mi ha fatto riflettere su una cosa: ritieni che il fatto che l’inglese non abbia una distinzione di genere (ovvero non esistono il maschile e il femminile), come in italiano, influisce in qualche modo sui cervelli anglofoni?

A complex and fascinating question! English words may have no gender but perhaps we still think the objects they refer to are more associated with male or with female qualities, and we should be aware of this! For example, we might assume dolls or are a ‘feminine’ thing, even though many boys play with them. Alternatively, we might think motorbikes are ‘masculine’ even though many women ride them. The question is then whether choosing to write about a particular subject is based on such assumptions, which then influences our confidence in writing about them. As a female, would I assume dolls to be a more appropriate subject to write about than motorbikes? I hope not! But we must keep asking ourselves these questions!

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