ballet in London

Hi! Next year I’m going to London to do a ballet traineeship for 2 weeks. My English is scholastic and I think that I will understand just a little if I don’t improve it. Speak Up can help me to improve listening ability, but how can I improve my ability to speak with a good pronunciation? I also should learn the technical language of the ballet, like “stendere”, “flettere”… and then the parts of the body. How can I do all this? Thank you in advance! Francesco

Dear Francesco! Your English is already pretty good, and you can improve your pronunciation by listening to our CD and then repeating what you hear! If you study ballet you will know that all the ballet-related language is French, and once you are at the bar you will understand what to do very easily… you can also take a look at this
and good luck with your Tour en l’air!

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