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Hi! In the Pet Shop Boys’ song “Love etc.” they say “to drive your wife and lover to a white tie ball”. What does “white tie ball” mean exactly? I thought it could be an idiomatic way to mean a formal sports party, but i can’t figure out where it comes from… Not even my english-speaking friends managed to unravel that enigma in an acceptable way. Thank you for your help! Diego

White tie significa cravatta bianca, che sta ad indicare un abito da uomo tipo frac + camicia e cravatta bianche,
quindi un’occasione, un ballo, estremamente formale. (F.H.)

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  1. I knew that “white tie” means “cravatta bianca”… I was uncertain with the word “ball”. So “ball” simply means “ballo”… oh what a misunderstanding! i got confused with the usual meaning “palla”!
    Guess i was mad

  2. white tie is the Englis for “abito formale” “elegante” “abito da sera”… just a suggestion… when you have doubts look up in “wordreference” the simplest, less complicated and best dictionary on line ever tried

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