The “F” word

Nello scorso numero di Speak Up ho notato che citando Emily Blunt avete usato la parola fucking senza problemi (“I thought how fucking fantastic, you know, for a female lead…)
Ai miei tempi questa parola era considerata molto volgare e praticamente vietata, infatti non si vedeva mai stampata. È cambiato qualcosa nel costume, oppure vi è sfuggita?
Maria Adele

No, this was not a mistake on our part, although we did think twice about including this quote. But the fact of the matter is that times have changed. You are right, traditionally the “F” word was considered shocking. When it was first used on British television (by the critic Kenneth Tynan in 1965) there was a national scandal: now you frequently hear it on TV. It’s not the sort of word you’d want to use in a job interview, or with people of a certain age, but it’s not nearly as offensive as it once was. The really offensive words these days are racist insults (which we prefer not to print).

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