I have two questions about the January issue: 1) what is the meaning of the title of the poem by M. Swan, “Sardanes”? 2) I didn’t get the second joke “At the restaurant, part 2”. Could you explain it? Ilaria.

1. Sardanas (Spanish) or Sardanes (Catalan) are traditional Catalan folk dances. They are performed (by ordinary people) in Barcelona on Sundays, in front of the Cathedral after mass, and in the main square. Extraordinarily beautiful and moving.
2. Having to explain a joke is always embarrassing, but no problem! The waitress thinks that the man who has slid under the table is the husband of the woman with whom he is having dinner.  In actual fact he is not the husband, but the lover. The husband is another man and he has just walked into the restaurant: this is why the other man has decided to hide under the table.

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