language blog okSpesso in inglese si pone alla fine della frase la preposizione che il verbo solitamente regge. Un esempio: “io ho bisogno di persone con cui parlare” si traduce “I need somebody to talk to”. Quando e perché devo mettere la preposizione dopo il verbo? Nicola

Language purists say that “a preposition is a bad thing to end a sentence with” but it’s acceptable, at least in conversation. You could also say “I need someone with whom I can talk” or “I need someone to whom I can talk” but it sounds old-fashioned.
As for your question about “when and why,” in the case of the verb to talk there are two forms: “to talk to someone” and “to talk” (without a preposition): it’s like the difference between “parlare” and “parlare con qualcuno” in Italian. When it’s with a proposition, we say “I need someone to talk to” but when it’s “talk” by itself, we simply say “I need to talk.”
Another example might be the verb “to train” (allenarsi): “I need to train” and “I need someone to train with” and so on.

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