migliorare la pronuncia

Qual è il modo migliore per migliorare la propria pronuncia? Giulia.

Le suggerisco alcuni classici, ovvero non nuovi, consigli ed anche alcuni passi da seguire :
•leggendo SPEAK UP
-choose a (very) short passage
-listen without reading
-read without listening
-look up words/chunks you do not understand
-listen and read and underline words/ chunks of language in which the spoken word noticeably differs from the written word
-listen without reading
-listen and say aloud without reading
-underline words, chunks, sentences which you are not familiar with.
At this point you should be
-familiar with some new language and with the way words/chunks are pronounced
-able to remember them in the future
• I also suggest you read (book) and listen to (CDs) of Tree or Three (2nd edition) by Ann Baker (CUP)
When you have finished with these, you could move on to Ship or Sheep (3rd edition) by Ann Baker (CUP)
• This reference dictionary will also be useful:
Longman Pronunciation Dictionary (2008) and, if you wish to combine meaning and pronunciation, Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners (2007)
(Frances Hotimsky)

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