I have some questions:
1) Haw can the expression : “burst of time” be translated in italian? Is there a synonim in english?
2) What is the difference between an idiom, a slang and a proverb?
3) What is the difference in the use of “all in all” and “in conclusion”?
4) In the article “Coffee and Cats” (september 2014) there is an expression “we did find that” instead of “We found that” or somewhere else “it does change” instead of “it changes”. Why?

5) Which is the difference between delusion and illusion?


1) A brief but intense period of time.
2) Slang is gergo, a proverb is un proverbio and an idiom is un’espressione idiomatica.
3) In conclusion is more formal (and better in written English) than all in all.
4) It is a form of emphasis: “We did find” is more emphatic than “we found.”
5) An illusion is a mistaken belief, or a mistaken impression. A delusion is stronger and is almost a form of mental illness.

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