Benefits of putting international experience on your CV

international experienceNel competitivo mercato del lavoro bisogna trovare il modo di spiccare sugli altri: le esperienze a livello internazionale sono un buon modo per aumentare le proprie possibilità di essere notati. Ecco i benefit che possono arrecarvi… By Martine Weron

In today’s competitive job market, candidates need to fin ways to stand out from the crowd. International experience is one sure-fie way of increasing your chances of being spotted by a potential employer.

→   Choosing to spend time overseas tells employers that you have a curious mind, an adventurous spirit and a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone and adapt to unfamiliar situations – not to mention the invaluable language skills which

→   The intercultural awareness, understanding of different cultural norms and the ability to see situations from different perspectives that you develop when you travel are all highly sought after qualities which global employers are increasingly keen to fin in potential hires.

→   Highlighting international experience can be even more valuable than listing educational experience. You should still mention your schooling and other relevant qualifications, but including experience that you’ve had in the real world, rather than in the classroom, can mean the difference between you and another candidate.

→   While it’s not always easy to get international job experience, internships, volunteer work, or even courses that you’ve taken abroad will show that you have experience in an international environment.

→   If you have been looking for a job for a while with no luck and have the opportunity to work or study abroad, it can help you with your long-term career plans and give you a set of invaluable skills and experience.

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