Hey! Teacher!

Mi piacerebbe sapere come gli alunni chiamano l’insegnante a scuola perché so che “teacher” è un termine generale e “professor” è usato all’Università. È giusto? Antonella

The British and Americans are far less formal than the Italians about this. These days the use of titles like Doctor and Mr. is considered old-fashioned and pretentious. We use “Doctor” with medical doctors but not with university graduates. You are technically a “Doctor” if you have a Ph.D. but the title is rarely used: a person who is a non-medical doctor who insists on being addressed as “Doctor” probably has some form of complex! The title “Professor” is, however, used for university professors (a professor is only at university and never at school)
That said, teachers at school are “teachers,” whereas teachers at university are either  “lecturers” or “professors,” depending on their rank. At school these days pupils (students are at university) usually address male teachers as “Sir” and female teachers as “Miss” (even if they are married).

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