How do you make people like you?

In un articolo della rivista di settembre la frase ” How do you make people like you” viene tradotta da Voi = Cosa si deve fare per piacere alle persone. Perchè? 1) How non significa come? 2) Si deve, non c’è nè must, nè have to, o  un altro verbo di dovere. Io avrei tradotto: “Come fate le persone come voi.” Grazie per il chiarimento. Marcello

First and foremost, we need to distinguish between the two meanings of the word “like.” You have taken the adverb, which is “come” in Italian, but here it is the verb “to like” (piacere). The next problem is that “to like” and “piacere” are used differently. “I like ice cream” is “Il gelato mi piace” in Italian.
The problem with translating from English is that you can’t do it word by word (this is what computers do and the results are often funny). It is better to look at the phrase as a whole.

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